Government Uniforms

Looking for a uniform that commands respect? Need clothes that are not only comfortable but also provides flexibility, durability and safety? Superior Uniform Group is proud to serve the men and women of our respected governmental, law enforcement and public safety agencies—offering uniforms to suit any job function within the government, including:

  • Local police
  • County sheriff
  • State highway patrol
  • Fire rescue
  • Public school maintenance
  • Transportation
  • Public municipalities
  • EMS/EMT, and
  • Corrections

Whether your agency requires cargo pants, jumpsuits, knit shirts, coveralls or dress uniforms and suits, Superior Uniform Group will work with you to provide a customized program, distinguishing your agency from others. Along with standard and customized governmental, law enforcement and public safety uniforms, Superior Uniform Group also supplies items such as BDU’s, caps, hats, hi-visibility reflective items, ANSI-certified apparel, shoes, socks, leather goods, outerwear, fire retardant and fire resistant garments, and metal goods, making Superior Uniform Group your one stop shop for all of your uniform needs.

Superior Uniform Group knows that performance and safety are of the utmost importance. Many of the company’s items have been specifically designed or altered to accommodate ever-evolving requirements. Talk to a Superior Uniform Group dedicated customer care representative who can help you find the right combination of garments for your government personnel. No matter what your need, Superior Uniform Group can design specialty shirts and uniforms for any governmental look.